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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  November 21, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> a major manhunt pays off. french police arrest the suspect in this week's shootings in paris. he had already spent time in jail for his role and a bombing, a multiple murder that shocked france 20 years ago. the ukrainian parliament refuses to back a bill releasing former prime minister tymoshemko. that is key for ukraine joining the eu. fans of "life of brian," get ready for something different. the five surviving members of cold, the group monty python are due to announce the long awaited reunion.
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we standing by for more. .ou are watching france 24 new details of come out of the lone gunman who shot and wounded a photographer at a french newspaper monday before firing more shots outside soc gen. theevidence has linked suspect to the attacks. he was arrested last night after a major manhunt. he was found some icons is in a parked car northwest of terrorists, apparently trying to commit suicide -- he was found inside a parked car. >> he was found here at this underground parking garage outside harris, thanks to a tipoff he was found and the vehicle and a semi conscious state. a police source said a letter was found on the seat next to him. >> everything seems to show that he tried to commit suicide. however, he did not kill himself which is very important so we
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can find out all the facts, the truth about his motivations which we obviously do not know yet. >> police were led on a chase across the french capital. that is after the shooting that started on friday. investigators say they were able to match samples of dekhar's dna with dna recovered from the crime scene. >> there was a similarity between the dna found on the car and also on the cartridges found at the sites. we had the same dma which allowed us to be certain that the dna which appeared in three different locations was the dna of the perpetrator of these acts. already known to the authorities. he had previously been jailed for his role in the notorious 1994 killing spree, providing a weapon that was used by young couples to kill three policemen and a taxi driver. dekhar has now been placed in
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medical custody while investigators wait for him to improve enough for questioning. not long ago the paris prosecutor give a press conference with more information on just how the police tracked down the shooter. let's get an explanation. coming aboutls about how police tracked down the man. they said the decisive turning point was this witness who came forward who recognized abdelhakim dekhar from the photo , the images which have been broadcast in a public appeal for information. they said this man had been a friend of the suspect, a friend of long date. they had known each other 13 years and met in london. they had seen each other several times since. in fact, abdelhakim dekhar had come to stay with this man in the suburbs of paris. he had gone away a few days, leaving abdelhakim dekhar at his flat and comeback amid all the
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media flurry. despite having suspicions of who this man staying with him until he went to police. he also said this witness who came forward, this decisive witness told police that abdelhakim dekhar actually confessed to the shooting and liberation. he said he wanted to kill himself. that is when police went into the underground car park and found him in a semi, chose state -- in a semi comatose state. they also found letters on the car seat next to him. they said they were rambling incoherent letters, but he talks about a fascist lot, manipulation of the media, making the public follow life. he was very angry against certain parts of the media which could help to explain the shootings at the television channel. >> thank you. what happens now for the future of abdelhakim dekhar? where does this go next? well, the prosecutors said
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that he is now in a state to be heard. so police will start questioning him and very soon, we understand. he has been read his rights. he is been placed in a formal investigation, the first step in the french justice system towards being charged. he is being investigated on several counts including several counts of attended murder. also of kidnapping. very serious counts in deed. i imagine he will spend quite a lot of time with alyce. they also say that they have serious doubts about his mental state because the letters they say need more analysis but point to someone who is perhaps not in his full mental capacity. they will be looking into that. also, this was someone known to police. he was involved in a notorious case in france in the 1990 hasta for yes. they will look at how he slipped off the radar and what happened when he was released from prison in the 1990's.
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>> police in turkey have subdued a suspected suicide bomber outside the prime minister's office. there are conflicting reports on what exactly happened. news agency for said police shot and wounded the suspect. they later reported police had "neutralized" the man before he was able to detonate most of the explosives on him. the prime minister was not at his office of the time. a new car bomb in iraq has left at least 30 dead. it went off this morning in a crowded food market about one hour from baghdad. it is the latest explosion in the worst wave of violence to hit iraq in at least five years. the death toll this year alone is at 5800. ukraine's parliament has refused to back legislation that would release jailed former prime minister t ymoshenko. leading the opposition go abroad for medical care is a key condition for the ukraine's
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eventual integration into the eu. the country needed to release tymoshenko before the eu summit next week. joining the eu is vital for the cash-strapped ukraine. was jailed three years ago in a controversial abuse of authority case. the ukrainian president, his main opponent look a refused to back all six bills in the deal today. this is the second time the vote enko has notymosh gone through. let's get more reaction from brussels. >> there is outrage in brussels. they are wrapping up discussion. they have always said that the ukraine must fulfill all the conditions or there would be no free trade agreement at the key meeting you mentioned on november 27. the strategic agreement was meant to open up any future for the ukraine and give its
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business and people new opportunities. but the release or treatment of alwaysnko in germany was a precondition for signing the dotted line. >> what does it mean for the future of ukraine in the european union -- is it over? >> i would not say it is over, but it does not look good. the signing of the free trading agreements was being held is the first step towards entering the european union. the head of the european socialists said today the future of the ukraine relations remain very unclear as today's showminary -- decisions that there is pressure and blackmailing tactics that they believe russia is using against the ukraine and other countries. they are worried that ukraine has chosen to diverge from the european past. >> thanks for the report from brussels. goes to 3000 afghan elders are gathering in couple today,
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debating a key security deal with the u.s. if past month up to 50,000 foreign troops could stay in afghanistan beyond next year ashok to 15,000 foreign troops could stay in afghanistan. he does not said just american allies and they do not trust him. let's get more. , at proposede by but -- bilateral security agreement between united states and afghanistan. the afghan president said up to 15,000 u.s. troops could stay in the country after nato forces withdrawal at the end of 2014. according to a draft text, the role of u.s. troops would then be limited to training, equipping, and assisting afghan security. u.s. troops shall not target afghan civilians, including in their homes except in extraordinary circumstances. they would be subject to
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american justice rather than local afghan courts. the last point could be tricky. a similar deal between the u.s. and iraq collapsed in 2011 over whether american soldiers would face iraqi justice. despite some criticism, u.s. secretary of state john kerry said there would be no apology for mistakes made during the afghan war. >> let me be clear, president karzai did not ask for an apology. there was no discussion of an apology. itre will be, there is no, is not even on the table. >> according to the united nations, violence by taliban and entrance is at the highest level since 2010. that is why the bilateral security agreement is seen as vital to the country's security. if approved, it would pass to the parliament. it would require approval from u.s. president barack obama. >> let's go to geneva where international talks are heating up on the future of iran's
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nuclear program. the chief negotiator of tehran says iran will not sign up for a nuclear deal and lets the world accepts its right to enrich you uranium.em -- in which iran's says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. for many in the west, it is creating a nuclear bomb. the foreign minister of france said the west needed to be firm and its dealings with iran over the program, but he said he was hopeful and accord could be struck this week. the deputy iranian foreign minister said this session is all about rebuilding trust. >> what we are trying now is to rebuild confidence that we lost in previous negotiations because of the mismanagement which was in the previous round. any seriousdecided negotiations yet. but we are trying hard since gainrday to once again
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confidence between the two sides of the negotiations. had difficultyow last time. >> something completely different for you. if you are a fan of absurd comedy, it is your lucky day. in london, the five surviving members of monty python are expected to officially announce they are getting back together. the comedy troupe emerged in late 1969 from a british tv sketch show and later went on to world fame and controversy with several films inspiring generations of comedians around the world. but they have not performed together live since the late 1990's. for more, let's go to our culture editor. first of all, everyone is convinced this reunion is happening. is that the case? >> it was confirmed on twitter by one of the members of monty python. the press conference is rep -- up and ready. they are playing clips from the
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right side of life. it is said there will be a show. it is not known if it will be a live tv show or a stage show, theater. some people say could be in the massive o2 arena in london. something else they will do is a documentary about their reunion. so that will be a great win for monty python fans. >> ls more, for those of us in mine on a monty python, give us background on who the group was and why they became so huge. >> it did come out of a sketch show on the bbc in 1969. it only ran four series of that sketch show, but it was hugely popular. cultish popularity, cutting-edge stuff at the time. absurd, a little bit naughty, sketches that flowed into one another without necessarily having any links. all five members loved testing of as old ladies, speaking in these crazy voices. it is something that had not been seen very much of that time
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. only a couple other comedians doing that kind of thing back then. very british, but also very international. sketch.he dead parrot also very surreal. physical comedy that translated very well to audiences. i am sure you saw it in america. >> i have fond memories of watching it with my brother, something naughty, as you say. what have they been doing? like they have had several successful films. monty python holy grail and the probably the are most successful. a lot of controversy around some of those as well. they had songs as well and really is quite a lot of cd's. one of them sadly died of cancer in 1989, but the five remaining members have kind of cap the monty python image going in their various careers. doing funny comedy films look for the kind of thing. people are expecting quite a lot
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from this reunion, whatever form it may take her >> very briefly, how are people reacting to the news? isn't all positive? >> mostly positive. there has been a tidal wave of positive voices. comedian bill bailey saying this is the ultimate comics supergroup. there have been one or two dissenting voices, but there seems to be more people not wanting their memories trod on. they do not want the pythons to let themselves down. toiously, everyone is going find out exactly what form this will take. they could be entirely new material which i think would please most of the people out there. >> thank you so much, talking about the reunion of the monty python. there will be a press conference shortly. we will cover that here on france 24. please stay to infer that and for other news coming up shortly. d for that.tay tune
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♪ >> hello, welcome to this edition of the week in the americas. here is what is coming up in the program. this week marks 50 years since the assassination of jfk. we will hear from some of the witnesses who saw the shooting firsthand. struggle forll whoever wins elections in honduras. we go to the country's most dangerous city. drug violence and poverty is rife. before the united nations on allegations of human rights abuses. our reporter seeks to find out why journalists and activists receive so little protections from the state. of theremembering one darkest days in u.s. history. 50 years ago this week, president john f. kennedy was done to down by lee harvey also walled as his motorcade drove through crowds in the state of texas. many americans remember exactly where they were when they heard the shocking news.
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few people were actually at the scene. in this report, we hear how they recall the day that changed the nation forever. >> it largely unchanged for the past 50 years. dealey plaza in dallas where president john f. kennedy was assassinated on november 22, 1963. from the sixth floor of the school book depository building, lee harvey oswald fired three shots at the president's motorcade. firing] this journalist was covering the kennedy visit for local radio station and recalls hearing the bullets ringing out. >> the first missed. the second hit the president when the car was at that location were the first x is. and then a few seconds later, the final shot, the one that killed the president, struck him
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in the back of the head when the car was exactly at that spot. >> on the other side of the road, a 13-year-old girl was filming on and eight millimeter camera borrowed from her father. images would be scrutinized for years to come by authorities looking to establish a sequence of events. >> the people who were aware of or recognized what it was, there was a man standing next to me. he told me down to the ground. a lot of people were going to the ground here and i thought it was firecrackers, and when mother and dad and i got whather and were asking happened, he said i know exactly what happened, someone just tried to shoot the president. >> less than two hours after the shooting, lee harvey oswald was captured and taking here, dallas police headquarters, where he was later charged with the
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murder of president kennedy. remarkably, two days later, oswald was himself shot dead by jack ruby, a local nightclub owner as he was being transferred to a county jail. >> by the time he reached this point, jack ruby, who was standing beside my camera, , thed out, fired at oswald bullet struck him in the front lower abdomen. this is the spot where oswald fell to the concrete before my very eyes as i was standing about 10 feet away where your camera is now. >> half a century has passed since the day, but time has done little to erase the memories. even now, many question the official version of events. they believe oswald was framed or working for a broader conspiracy. >> upturned cars, wrecked buildings, and hailstones the size of tennis balls.
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10 states across the u.s. midwest were hit by deadly tornadoes this week. eight people were killed in the storms which affected millions of people. in some cases, winds reached up to 68 miles per hour. people were warned to get out of the way well in advance. tornadoes were district of this time of year. two women battling to take power in chile asked to go to a runoff. the left-wing candidate won the first run but not with enough votes for a victory p now faced her rifle for a second round in december. the first female president last time, and this time around she promises an ambitious program aimed at tackling inequality. her rival will continue to follow the current president. honduras is the most dangerous country on earth outside a war zone. it has the world's highest
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murder rate. drug violence and poverty are rife. cartels from mexico are increasingly using honduras as a midway point to transport their cargo. no mean feat for the country's next president. elections take place on sunday. as yet, there is no clear front- runner. here is the report from one of the nations most dangerous cities. call here,emergency one of the most dangerous cities in the world. police received the call just minutes ago. but as they find so often, they arrived too late. at the end of this street, a man is lying dead, shot at point- blank range three times. and all too typical crime scene. shootings, kidnappings, and excuses contributed to more than 1200 killings last year in this city alone. police admitted that gangs have free reign.
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gains have coalition across -- beginnings -- the gangs have weapons of war. it is as a violent as a war. >> it is a war that continues behind these walls. in this crumbling and overcrowded prison, the guards remain at a distance. they never venture inside. it is too dangerous. kept separated to avoid a bloodbath. around 100 prisoners are kept in this cell. they have almost all committed a murder. they flaunt their tattoos, everlasting proof of their membership to these violent gangs. >> i will give it to him. if i pass a member of another gang in the street, i will go for him. if i do not kill him up he will kill me. even if we do not know each other, that is the way it is. it is war. >> such gangs began in the
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streets of los angeles in the 1980's and made their way into central america. heavily tattooed, the man on the right leads the gang of barrio 1 8. in jail for life, he continues to give orders from within his prison cell. more than 20,000 people have been killed across honduras over the past three years. in a country with high levels of poverty and unemployment, gangs region's lucrative drug trade. honduras is a key gateway to the united states. in this hotel room, one of the leaders of barrio 18 agrees to alk. >> to survive, we sell drugs and weapons. we cannot -- that is our life. >> a friend calls. i go with someone. and we are out. >> and you do not feel anything? >> no, why? toyou dig when they come
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kill us, they will feel something? like he is an orphan who killed for the first time at 14. his gang is his family. ask if i have to kill a guide to say one of our own, i have no problem with that. >> what is the way out for you? >> the only way out for me is death. they will kill me one day. that is for sure. >> we find makeshift graves at the city cemetery where many gang members and up that a young age. only a date and no name. >> mexico has been singled out by the united nations for violations against human rights. ♪ will jumpbecause we in for absurdist comedy. let's go to london where the cult comedy group monty python is holding a press conference. the announced a show for july 1 at the o2 arena in london. they are true to their quirky
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sense of humor. let's listen. [inaudible] what is your age? >> 357. >> [inaudible] [laughter] [speaking foreign language] [laughter] >> thank you very much. >> cbs news, a question for john cleese. is this a one and only, and what can we expect to see? >> well, of course it is probably the one and only. i do not know how long the others will live really.
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we just wanted to see if we were still funny. that is our intention so far, to see if we can fulfill it. >> what can we expect? >> you can expect a little comedy.
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